Saturday, January 14, 2012

ASB Issue

Hola. I have no great amazing entry for today. Just to ask about the ASB issue. I heard that it is haram or not suggested for muslim. I am curious about this issue since I already have an ASB account. I found out it is good investment. I did an ASB loan for almost 2 years and this year will come to 3rd year. Someone please clarify this...

Well before this i just had a conversation with one of the ustazah in my school. She also joined the ASB loan and she said this is a good investment. Oh please someone make me clear...

Thank You in advance...:)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New workplace

I will start my new day at new school SK Sg Durian. I have no idea bout all this. I keep on thinking that this might b a karma. No more tears i think left.

I got a phone called from school and told me that i was transfered to that school due to lack of English teacher. Nayyyy. This is all political issue in educatin system and I was the victim.

I have to let go my previous school.yes with tears. No more action song and no more netball team. Why I say this? New school is small school.i don't think I might be able to form a school team. Plus i am the only lady teacher there. Watefukkkkkk.

I'm sorry if you feel boring with this entry but i really need to scream out my lung. This is the only place which I think suitable.

Take good care to you and to myself. People will always looking forward to make you cry.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Via ios

Baru beli aipad tu...syok nak mampos.lantak la orang nak kata jakun pon.aku tak kesah.ko hado? Muahahahaha.astaga.insap.sape nak beli silalah beli.mulakan menabung.lupakan menatang lain.baju tak payah dok beli tiap2 bulan la.

Lepas ni aku agak dalam enam bulan kot tak beli baju kasot mahu pon handbag.jimat balek nk cover duit yang keluar setebal buku novel ombak!

Ok bai!