Sunday, January 8, 2012

New workplace

I will start my new day at new school SK Sg Durian. I have no idea bout all this. I keep on thinking that this might b a karma. No more tears i think left.

I got a phone called from school and told me that i was transfered to that school due to lack of English teacher. Nayyyy. This is all political issue in educatin system and I was the victim.

I have to let go my previous school.yes with tears. No more action song and no more netball team. Why I say this? New school is small school.i don't think I might be able to form a school team. Plus i am the only lady teacher there. Watefukkkkkk.

I'm sorry if you feel boring with this entry but i really need to scream out my lung. This is the only place which I think suitable.

Take good care to you and to myself. People will always looking forward to make you cry.


  1. saya paham cikgu.. hee. saya pun bakal cikgu dalam 2 tahun lg. x tau la nasib saya macam mane.. =) be strong..