Wednesday, March 23, 2011

wedding research

my sister is getting married soon

not me

i repeat again

my sister

she is really into maroon colour

but i totally not like it

such a bright colour for her hubby -to-be

thus i think it is not the in colour for this year

by the way she loves to have her big day




11 November 2011

nice right?

and we are thinking of her suitable colour

so i suggested her to come out with these 2 colours

lavender+cornflower blue

sweet colour i think

plus she do agreed with me

want to know more

have a look at the pictures above

there's few pictures that i searched

from mr google


this is cornflower blue

nice right?
this is the combination of

cornflower blue + lavender

this one is lavender wedding

I really love this colour
sweet colour again and again

this is the cornflower blue wedding

how sweet (again? jangan muntah ok!)

if my sister able to get these colours

she is going to wear off white on the solemnization

okeh....I am started to think again

p/s : when is my turn?


  1. after angah u the next..
    i n kakdik after u..haha..
    ASAP...hope u will find mr right soon..

  2. mencabar ape nyee..da nk 30 da ang tuh..
    aku ngan kakdik da plan da...ang kawen dulu bru kami...keh keh keh