Wednesday, April 27, 2011

susahnye nak jaga hati orang

susah nak puaskan hati orang

susah jugak nak jaga hati orang

latest controversy is about my action song kids

i planned to ask them to wear a skirt

but not only skirt

must come with long black legging

but today

one of the ustaz here asked my ustazah hosmet

to talk to me about this skirt issue!

he not agree with the costumes

plus he wanted them to wear long pants....

headache babe!

we bought the skirt for quite a big amount

who's going to wear it later????


and the scarf style also he wanted us not to tie it at the back

just wear it like normal tudung.

i am not ustazah to quarell back with him

i'm going to discuss this issue tomorrow with my partner

miss ong

if things getting worst means

we just going to wear the boria costumes

the one we wore in district level

guess bape taun dah baju tu?
7 years beb!!!!

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